Women's Studies: Guide to the Library's holdings from the Gerritsen Collection

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945. Source documents in the history of feminism. The finding aid for the complete set is The Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection, Duane R. Bogenschneider (REFERENCE HQ1121.G47 1983). The UO Library currently holds only the following titles:


Abensour, Leon. Histoire Generale du Feminisme des Origines a nos Jours. 1921. No. 10 MICROFICHE HQ 1121 .A2 1975
Audourd, Olympe (de Jouval). La Femme dans la Mariage. 1870. No. 110 MICROFICHE HQ 1154 .A83 1975
Jullien, Marc Antoine. Esquisse d'un Plan de Lectures Historiques. 1821. No. 1450 MICROFICHE HQ 1127 .J85 1975

Periodicals: 86 reels and 1649 microfiche (HQ 1121 .G47 1975).

Title and Date Range Gerritsen Number Medium (location)
American Rambai Association. Annual Reports. 1899- P. 16 MICROFILM
The A.W.A. Bulletin. 1930-1941. P. 17 MICROFILM
The American Magazine. 1889-1896. P.18 MICROFILM
Anti-Suffragist. 1908-1912. P. 21 MICROFICHE
Association for the Advancement of Women. Annual Report. 1873-1893. P. 23 MICROFICHE
New York City. Bureau of Vocational Education. News-Bulletin. 1922-1926. P. 34 MICROFICHE
New York City. Bureau of Information. Studies in Occupations.1919-1921. P. 35 MICROFICHE
Official Register. Women's Clubs, City of Chicago and Suburbs. 1910- P. 37 MICROFILM
Chicago Sunday Press and the Women's Press. 1917-1925. P. 39.1 MICROFILM
Chicago Woman's Club. Annual. 1876- P. 40 MICROFICHE
Chicago Woman's Club. The Club Record. 1907-1910. P. 41 MICROFICHE
Chicago Woman's Club. Report of the President. 1907-1910. P. 42 MICROFICHE
The Club Woman: Woman's World. 1897-1904. P. 44 MICROFICHE
The Club Woman's Magazine. 1899- P. 45 MICROFILM
Club Women of New York. 1904- P. 46 MICROFICHE
The Club Worker. 1899-1921. P. 47 MICROFICHE
The Colorado Club Woman. 1898-1899 P. 48 MICROFICHE
The Cook: A Weekly Handbook of Domestic Culinary Art for all Housekeepers. 1885-1886. P. 50 MICROFICHE
Equal Rights. 1924-1954. P. 60.1 MICROFILM
Equal Rights: Independent Feminist Weekly. 1935-1936. P. 60.2 MICROFILM
General Federation of Women's Clubs. Directory. 1899, 1901, 1906, 1911. P. 83.2 MICROFICHE
General Federation Clubwoman. 1920- P. 83.3 MICROFICHE
General Federation of Women's Clubs. Official Report of the Biennial Convention. 1891-1940. P. 84 MICROFICHE
General Federation of Women's Clubs. Official Report of the Council Meeting. 1891-1940. P. 85 MICROFICHE
General Federation of Women's Clubs. Triennial Convention: Official Report. 1935-1941. P. 86 MICROFICHE
Illinois Association Opposed to Women's Suffrage. Bulletin. 1909-1913. P. 94 MICROFICHE
The Illinois Clubwoman's World. 1920-1930. P. 95 MICROFICHE
Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. The Illinois Bulletin. 1925- P. 96 MICROFILM
Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs. Bulletin. 1909-1920. P. 97 MICROFICHE
Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs. Directory. 1898/99-1915/16. P. 98 MICROFICHE
Illinois Republican Woman. 1939-1940. P. 99 MICROFICHE
The Lady Maccabee. 189-? P. 115 MICROFILM
League for Business Opportunities for Women. The Bulletin. 1916-1917. P. 118 MICROFICHE
Ladies of the Maccabees, Michigan. Great Hive. 1896-1897. P. 121.1 MICROFICHE
Man-Suffrage Association Opposed to Political Suffrage for Women. 1914-1916. P. 123 MICROFICHE
Massachusetts Association of Women Workers. 1889-1893. P. 125 MICROFICHE
Mount Holyoke College. 1838-1846. P. 127 MICROFICHE
National Association of Women Deans and Counselors. 1922-1937. P. 128 MICROFICHE
The National Bulletin. 1890-1896. P. 129 MICROFICHE
National Business Woman. 1919- P. 130 MICROFILM
National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. 1931-1933. P. 138 MICROFICHE
National League for the Protection of the Family. 1881-1914. P. 139 MICROFICHE
National League for Woman's Service. 1918. P. 140 MICROFICHE
National League of Girl's Clubs. 1898-1899. P. 141 MICROFICHE
National League of Girl's Clubs. 1890-1918?. P. 142 MICROFICHE
National Magazine, Or, Lady's Emporium. 1830-1831. P. 142.1 MICROFICHE
National Woman's Rights Convention. 1850-1866. P. 144 MICROFICHE
The New Century for Woman. May 1876-Nov 1876. P. 150.1 MICROFICHE
Official Directory of the Women's Clubs of Chicago. 1899- P. 154 MICROFICHE
Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs. 1894-1895?. P. 155 MICROFILM
Ramabai Association. 1888-1898. P. 160.1 MICROFILM
The Register of Women's Clubs. 1898?-1933. P. 161 MICROFILM
The Reply: an Anti-Suffrage Magazine. 1913-1915. P. 162 MICROFICHE
The Republican Woman of Iliinois. 1923-1931. P. 163 MICROFICHE
The Magnolia, or, Southern Appalachian: a Literary Magazine and Monthly Review. 1840-1843. P. 176 MICROFILM
The Suffragist. 1913-1921. P. 178.1 MICROFILM
The UNA: A Paper Devoted to the Elevation of Woman. 1853-1855. P. 183 MICROFICHE
Vocation Office for Girls Bulletin. 1911-1913. P. 197 MICROFICHE
The Woman Patriot: Dedicated to the Defense of Womanhood, Motherhood, the Family and the State, against Suffragism, Feminism, and Socialism. 1918-1932. P. 200.1 MICROFILM
Woman's Club of Denver. 1894?. P. 204 MICROFICHE
The Woman's Journal. 1870-1917. P. 205 MICROFILM
Woman's Journal. 1917-1931. P. 205.1 MICROFILM
The Woman's Column. 1888-1904. P. 205.2 MICROFICHE
Woman's Exponent. 1872-1914. P. 205.3 MICROFILM
The Woman's Magazine: an Illustrated Monthly Devoted to Art, Literature, Biography, Home Science, and Woman's Work. 1887-1890. P. 207 MICROFICHE
National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. 1912-1918. P. 208 MICROFICHE
Woman's Relief Corps. 1883- P. 209 MICROFICHE
The Woman's Standard. 1886-1911. P. 211.1 MICROFILM
Woman's Who's Who of America: a Biographical Directory of the United States and Canada. 1914- P. 213 MICROFICHE
Woman's Work. 1898-1900. P. 214 MICROFICHE
Woman's Work. 1855-1924. P. 215 MICROFICHE
Women, Inc. 1934-1936. P. 216 MICROFICHE
Women of Today. 1923-1928. P. 217 MICROFICHE
Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Boston. 1880-1928. P. 223 MICROFICHE
Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Buffalo. 1885-1914. P. 224 MICROFICHE
The Young Ladies Journal of Literature and Science. 1830-1831. P. 232 MICROFICHE
The Young Woman's Journal. 1889-1929. P. 233 MICROFILM