Dewey Decimal Classified Microcards

Titles in the Dewey Microcard collection were acquired by the UO Library prior to 1965. There are scanners available in Microforms to read and make copies of the micro opaque cards. The inventory is arranged by Dewey Decimal number. Entries include author, title, publication date. No records for most of these works appear in the UO Library's online catalog.


012. Kester, Martha. Stephen A. Douglas: a bibliographical study. Urbana, IL, 1951.

012. Mainous, Bruce H. and Hensley C. Woodbridge. A Sainte-Beuve bibliography, 1938-1952. Rochester, NY, 1954.

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016.059. Perry, Ruth Robinson. Clandestine publications issued in Belgium during the German occupation, 1917-1918: with a checklist of clandestine serials in the Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace. Thesis, Berkeley, 1939.

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016.912. Chamberlin, Edgar W. National atlases. Urbana, IL, 1951.

016.9175. Thompson, Lawrence Sidney. Foreign travellers in the South, 1900-1950. Lexington, KY. 1954.

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020.88. Nation, Margaret Ann. The librarian in the short story: an analysis and appraisal. Thesis, FSU, 1954.

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026.614. Albert, Warren. Governmental public health libraries: state, territorial, municipal. Urbana, Ill., 1955.

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027.65. Johnson, Robert Kellogg. The library system of the Armed Forces Staff College. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 1956.

027.65. Johnson, Robert Kellogg. The library system of the Army General School. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 1955.

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027.65. Johnson, Robert Kellogg. The library system of the Artillery School. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 1955.

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027.65. Johnson, Robert Kellogg. The library of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Maxwell Air Force base, Alabama, 1955.

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027.65. Johnson, Robert Kellogg. The library system of the Naval War College. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 1954.

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