Congressional Research Service

The Congressional Research Service creates reports at the request of Congress to inform Senators and Representatives about policy topics under consideration.

Congressional Research Service reports are available through ProQuest Congressional (UO only).

  • Go to ProQuest Congressional, choose Congressional Publications in the left column, and use the Advanced Search tab.  Confirm CRS reports is checked, set your date range, and search by keyword.  ProQuest archives reports from 1916 (the establishment of CRS) to the present.

Some CRS reports are also available in print.  Search LibrarySearch for CRS Reports in our collection. Many older reports have not been cataloged.  If you're searching for a print copy of a report prior to 1996, contact a Documents Librarian.

CRS views itself as a servant of the Congress, not of the public at large. Thus, it does not routinely make its Reports and other research products available directly to the public.  If you are neither an affiliate of the University of Oregon nor using a UO library terminal, check these incomplete but free archives of CRS reports.