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Global Competitiveness Index

From the World Economic Forum.  Use the Find feature in browser and enter country name.  Keep clicking Next till finding the needed country. Table 2: Countries/economies at each stage of development includes information on Stage 1: Factor-drive, Stage 2: Efficiency-driven, State 3: Innovation-drive. 


Ease of Doing Business Ranking

Created by the World Bank comparing regulations for small and medium sized enterprises for 185 economies.  Use the Find feature in browers.

Measure business regulations for 185 countires from  the World Bank Group.  Contains the same information as above.


Corruption  Perceptions Index

From Transparency International.  The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.

Click Results then VIEW RESULTS TABLE. Use the Find feature in browser to find the ranking of the selected country.


Human Development Index

Go to section on Human development indices.  Use the Find Feature to find the country.

Data includes Human Development Index, Inequlity-adjusted HDI, Gender Inequality Index, and Multidimensional Poverty Index.

From United Nations Development Programme.


Freedom in the World

From the Freedom House.  View the Independent Countries Table.  Use the Find feature to find the country.  PR stands for political rights. CL stands for civil liberties.



Developed by the Central Intelligence Agency .

Open SELECT A COUNTRY OR LOCATION  box and select a country.

People and Society section includes information on:


Age Structure

Maternal mortality rate

Infant mortality rate

Life expectancy at birth

Total Fertility rate


Literacy (male & female)

Employment rate:

Open the Employment rates: women and Employment rates men Tables in Exel format on the right.  Figure out of the % youself.



Open Economy Section.  Information includes:


GDP - real growth rate

Population below poverty line

Inflation rate (2011 est.)

Export, Export: commodities


Savings Rate

Enter Household Net Saving Rates in From OECD iLibrary.

Gini Index Pre-Tax and After-Tax

Gini index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a country.  Please search:

Click Statistics link on top of screen.

Eneter Gini coefficients.

Select the one titled "Gini coefficients before and after taxes and transers: In the late 2000s".

Note: OCED only provides data for OECD countirees.

Inflation Rate Current

From Trading Economics web site.

From CIA 's publication: The World  Factbook.

From Worldwide Inflation Data.

Inflation Rate 10-Year Average

Select a country in the Inflation by Country - Quick Links or from the drop box.

Click the link to Historic inflation of the country selected in the More CPI inflation rate box to view data.  figure out the average by doing some math.

Public Sector Employment

From International Labour Office.  Use the Find feature to go to a country.

Public Sector Indebtedness

Select a country from the Country search box.  Click GO button.

Data is displayed in graphic and Excel formats.


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