What your Subject Specialist can do for you

The University of Oregon Libraries' provide UO departments and programs with a subject specialist librarian who acts as primary liaison to the UO Libraries. The subject specialist works with departmental faculty, staff and students to understand and support the research and information needs of the academic unit, support instruction, and provide referrals to the many services offered by the UO Libraries.

Research and collection needs

Your subject specialist works with you to make sure you have access to information resources that will meet the needs of you and your students.

Contact your subject specialist:

  • to discuss ways the Libraries' collections can support your research needs through the acquisition or provision of access to resources, regardless of format;
  • to arrange private, personalized brush-up or introductory sessions about library resources and services;
  • to answer questions about library research materials, tools, services, policies, procedures, or budgets;
  • to obtain reports on library collections and services for program reviews, accreditation reports, grant applications, recruitment information etc.;
  • to discuss scholarly communication, copyright, preservation, the creation of materials (e.g. multimedia) or providing access to your project.

Instruction needs

Your subject specialist is an integral part of the instructional mission of the University and an instructional partner with departmental faculty.

Contact your subject specialist:

  • to schedule research instruction or support sessions tailored specifically for your course topic or project;
  • to produce specialized research guides for your discipline, specific classes or projects;
  • to design a "library" assignment;
  • to obtain additional or individualized research assistance for your students;
  • to get assistance designing a course and creating a syllabus;
  • to answer questions about instructional material or tools (e.g. Blackboard, educational technology, course reserves, images, audio, video or other multimedia etc).

What you can do to assist your subject specialist

The more information subject specialists have about their academic departments, the better they can tailor library services and collections to their department's needs.

The communication channels will be enhanced when you:

  • inform your subject specialist of new faculty;
  • inform your subject specialist of impending curricular changes, new courses, and new degrees;
  • share information about recent publications or conference papers by members of your department;
  • inform your subject specialist of faculty involvement with interdisciplinary institutes or centers,
  • tell your subject specialist about editorial positions held by faculty in your department;
  • tell your subject specialist about the topics of graduate seminars and dissertations;
  • invite your subject specialist to attend departmental functions;
  • when possible, include your subject specialist in departmental mailings, listservs, etc. This serves as a way to make him or her aware of important issues within your department, and provides an avenue for the subject specialist to keep the department informed of relevant library news.