University of Oregon

Media Production & Consulting

One-on-One Technology Training – CMET Consulting
Assistance with the use of instructional technology, including Blackboard and Canvas, online and within the classroom.

Photographic and Document Imaging – Image Services
High quality, fee based photographic and document imaging services including slide scanning, digital printing, copy stand photography, freelance photography, traditional darkroom printing and 35mm microfilm production.

Scholarly Research and Communication Support – Digital Scholarship Center
Supports research and scholarly communication by providing digital asset management, digital preservation, training, consultations, and tools for digital scholarship.

Streaming Media – CMET
Captures and streams live video of events, lectures and courses to viewers on campus and around the world. Offers on demand video playback services through the University's Media Channel.

Telecourses and Distance Education – CMET
Originates and receives synchronous (live) distance education courses and guest lectures offered at the UO’s branch campuses and partner sites worldwide.

Television and Video Production – CMET
Professional video production and audio/video uplink services to the university community, state agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Web and Multimedia Design and Development – Digital Scholarship Center
Web and multimedia design and development services to support academics and research. Services include project consultation, information architecture, instructional design, graphic design, programming and usability testing.

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