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Finding Videos & Music

The University of Oregon library collections include substantial music and video holdings. This guide will help you find and use these resources.

The Audio & Video Room (Douglass Listening Room) provides listening and viewing carrels and group listening rooms. It houses the collection of over 15,000 compact discs, 24,000 LP's, cassettes and cassette kits, and over 4,000 DVDs and laserdiscs.

Video Collections

The UO Libraries holds about 14,000 items in a variety of moving image formats (DVDs, videotapes, laserdiscs, 16mm films, and online streaming video) which cover all disciplines.

Learn more about how to search for videos in all formats.

Music Collections

The Music Collection, one of the largest in Oregon, brings together all the resources music scholars need in one location. The collection consists of over 30,000 music scores and parts.

Printed music and recordings owned by the UO Libraries can be located using LibrarySearch. Learn more about how to find the music materials you need from our subject guide for music.

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