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Lexis-Nexis: Academic, Congressional, Statistical, Government Periodicals Index

License Restrictions

The license agreement for the Lexis-Nexis databases states that authorized users are limited to students enrolled in a University of Oregon degree program, by active University of Oregon instructors and faculty, or by active University of Oregon administrative or research staff.

Law school students, faculty and staff are not permitted to use these databases according to the terms and conditions required by the Lexis-Nexis agreement.

A subscription to these databases grants access to authorized UO users for use and research directly connected to the educational activities of the University. No users, including authorized users, may use these databases to support the activities of a business or organization, both profit and non-profit, or for commercial purposes.

To insure compliance with the Lexis-Nexis license agreement, all users will be asked to verify that they are an Authorized User, by providing their name and UO ID before being connected to a Lexis-Nexis database.

For more information about using electronic resources licensed by the UO Libraries, see:

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