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Library Mission Statement

The University of Oregon Libraries enriches the student learning experience, encourages exploration and research at all levels, and contributes to advancements in access to scholarly resources.


The UO Libraries will be an active and visible partner in the enhancement of learning and creation of new knowledge. We will engage students, faculty, and campus leadership in dynamic, user-centered processes for planning, delivering and assessing all programs, services, and information resources.


  • Support the life-cycle of scholarly content

  • Build the multi-institutional library

  • Improve the user experience

  • Support instruction that fosters academic success

  • Become a learning organization   

  • Advance Diversity



Central Library Policy Manual: Consolidation of library policies and procedures.

Creative Musician's Workstations: Installing three advanced computer workstations in the Douglass Room for students to use in composing, editing, and notating compositions; mixing and editing audio projects; and integrating audio and video content for intermedia works.

Digital Infrastructure Upgrade: assessment and upgrade of digitization and scanning facilities

e-Asia Technical Infrastructure Migration: Reviewed e-Asia digital library technical requirements and migrated from ColdFusion/Joomla to PHP/Drupal.

LibQual + Analysis: Categorization and analysis of open entry responses to the 200 LibQual+ survey.

New Science Library Planning: In June 2009, Dean of Libraries, Deb Carver, initiated a long-term planning effort for a new and/or renovated Science Library.   A small planning group was convened, a consultant was engaged (Shepley Bulfinch Richardson Abbot), and a vision is taking shape.  

Univ. Library Committee Envisioning Process: The University Library Committee is articulating a shared vision that is appropriate to the mission of the university and adequately addresses the changing information needs of our students and faculty.

Expand Library OA Journal Publishing Support: Develop a library-wide team and expanded list of informational and production services for Open Access (OA) journal publishing.

Access to Law Microforms: Assess current Law microform collections and improve cataloging, storage, and access.

GIST Pilot Project: Test and evaluate the Getting It System Toolkit (GIST) as a tool for integrating and optimizing acquisition and interlibrary loan services and promoting regional collection diversity.

PCUN Project: On June 6, 2011, the UO Libraries will begin accessioning the permanent archives of the PCUN Oregon's Farmworker Union (Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste • Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United). This collection will enable significant research and learning opportunities for students, faculty, and visiting scholars, while simultaneously strengthening ongoing connections to the Latino/a community in Oregon.




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