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UO Libraries Mission, Values, and Strategic Directions

Mission and Purpose

The University of Oregon Libraries actively supports the student learning experience, enables the creation and stewardship of knowledge, and contributes to advancements in teaching, research, scholarship, and public service.


The UO Libraries is a catalyst for learning, discovery, and knowledge creation, in service to the transformative power of individuals and communities.


The UO Libraries values intellectual freedom, user-centered service, evidence-based approaches, transparency, innovation, diversity, and integrity.

Strategic Directions, 2017-2020

The five major goals of the UO Libraries’ three-year strategic plan align with the University's priorities.
  • Goal 1, Significant and Unique Content and Collections: Provide significant and unique content and collections to enhance research and scholarship
  • Goal 2, Exemplary Teaching, Engagement, and Faculty Development: Play a key role in improving student success through exemplary teaching, engagement, and faculty development
  • Goal 3, Discovery and New Knowledge: Engage with diverse partners to fuel discovery and create new knowledge
  • Goal 4, Interactive Learning Environments: Create and support interactive learning environments to advance learning, inspire creativity, and build community
  • Goal 5, Essential Programs and Resources: Strengthen the Libraries’ ability to sustain and support essential programs and resources for the University

The strategies associated with each of these goals are:

  • Significant and unique content and collections
    • Expand efforts to create, manage, and preserve relevant collections that reflect UO’s research themes and programmatic strengths
    • Increase the availability of open-access digital resources
    • Increase awareness and discovery of existing content and collections to maximize their use and value to the researcher
  • Exemplary teaching, engagement, and faculty development
    • Explore and implement new ways to provide outstanding instruction and academic support
    • Bring library expertise and unique content to university initiatives and specialized courses, designed to develop students as creators and critical thinkers
  • Goal 3, Discovery and new knowledge
    • Strengthen the Libraries' involvement inthe research process, from discovery and creation, to access preservation
    • Enhance the Libraries' involvement in and support of digital scholarship across all disciplines
    • Strengthen the Libraries' provision of data services related to disciplinary teaching, learning, and research
    • Selected initiatives associated with this goal include: UO GLAM Alliance
  • Interactive learning environments
    • Set direction and improve the Libraries' provision of academic technology services, to enhance scholarship, teaching, and student success
    • Create and maintain experiential, flexible, and inspirational environments in support of the Libraries' mission
  • Essential programs and resources
    • Increase fundraising and explore new revenue streams
    • Improve the Libraries’ sustainability and effectiveness, by exploring and implementing new financial models and network-level approaches
    • Continuously improve the Libraries’ organizational structure, policies, and processes, using evidence-based decision making
    • Foster user-focused innovation and experimentation throughout the Libraries

Assessment and Annual Reports

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