Outdoor Sculpture & Building Ornamentation

Cadenza, Calypso, & Fandango

Fandango Cadenza Calypson

Artist: Richard Swanson
Date: 2007-8; installed, 2008
Location: Penny Vanderwicken Duprey Courtyard, MarAbel B. Frohnmayer Music Building

About the sculpture:

"While the two new wings in the music building are getting most of the attention, a trio of original sculptures in our new Penny Vanderwicken Duprey courtyard is turning heads as well. Richard Swanson, the artist who created the dynamic sculptures, said “I think of these sculptures as musical phrases—no hidden meanings, just something pure, lyrical, and sometimes loopy, with the interval between notes as essential as the notes themselves.” Swanson said his goal for this commission was to set up rhythmic interactions that would engage the courtyard space with a visual expression of exuberance. From the beginning, a series of sculptures placed throughout the courtyard seemed a better choice to him than a single central sculpture. He chose a black surface to suggest musical notation, with a highlight of blue for color. “My choice of names for these sculptures, Cadenza, Calypso and Fandango, reflects their personalities as well as their relationship to music and dance” said Swanson. Swanson encourages visitors to think of the whole installation as an evolving composition that changes as they walk around, through and under the sculptures. “Music drifting into the courtyard from the practice rooms merges with the visual rhythms, adding flavor and complexity,” he said. “Movement of clouds, people, leaves in the breeze—all add to the melody. Have fun!” The commissioning of these public sculptures was made possible by the State of Oregon One Percent For Art in Public Buildings Program, through a competitive selection process administered by the Oregon Arts Commission. -- Source: School of Music and Dance, Ledger Lines, February 2009, vol. XXI, no. 1.

Images:  Oregon Percent for Art Program

Page author:  Edward H. Teague, April 11, 2013