Evaluation, Assessment, and User Experience Projects

Evaluation, Assessment, and User Experience (EAUX) Team Members:

Susan Breakenridge (sponsor)
Jonathan Cain
Cathy Flynn Purvis
David Ketchum
Erin Stoddart
Sam Villalobos
Annie Zeidman-Karpinski

Focus Groups:

GRAD Connect: In January and February 2013 the Assessment Team conducted focus groups with graduate students to better understand their needs for support in their roles as students, teachers and researchers.   Here is the Executive Summary report.

Observational Studies:

We regularly undertake observational surveys to better understand building use.  The purpose of several studies has been to to observe preferences in types of study spaces and optimize the use of individual and group study rooms in the Knight Library.  We also looked at building occupancy during overnight hours to inform the decision-making for extending hours to 24/5 or 24/7.


The EAUX Team supports library units and decision makers with help in survey design, focus groups, and identifying appropriate metrics.