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A Cayuse-Nez Percé Sketchbook


Pages 12-14

[Image: 14.jpg] Page 12. Two young men walk along together, clad in capote-jackets made from Hudson's Bay blankets with matching leggings. Overall, each has wrapped himself in a robe. Both wear their hair in the Crow pompadour. The leading figure carries his gun reversed. Its brief length reflects the Indian practice of shortening the barrel for ease in handling. What may be a quiver of arrows protrudes behind his companion.
[Image: 15.jpg]

Page 13. A rider in capote, who in dress resembles the second figure on the preceding page, rides one horse, with his robe wrapped around his waist, while leading a second, seen behind his mount.

Since the rider's face is painted and his hair is tied up on top of his head, it is possible that he has been on a horse raid and is seen here with his booty.

[Image: 16.jpg] Page 13d. A scene with seven peaks looming in the background, rolling, forested country before, and a stream in the foreground. One thinks, though without conviction, of the Seven Devils which lie between the Snake and Salmon rivers, in the southern part of Nez Percé country.
[17.jpg] Page 14. Mounted on a white steed, a handsome man rides easy. His hair is in Crow pompadour with side braids and back hair free. Bare to the waist, he wears a fringed plaid breechcloth, highly ornamented white cloth leggings, and decorated moccasins. In his left hand he carries a waisted bow and several arrows.

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