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A Cayuse-Nez Percé Sketchbook

The Lancer in Pursuit

Pages 8-10d

Pages 8-10d (lacking page 11) detail an encounter that may have taken place at a somewhat earlier time than most of those that follow, for the garb of the Plateau man, or men, is old fashioned and none of the opponents is armed with a gun.

[Image: 10.jpg]

Page 8. His hair hangs free. Undoubtedly caught by surprise, he wears no face paint and carries no weapon.

His pursuers are led by a lancer whose war bonnet bears a tan trail. If the trail is in fact an effort to represent a hair net, it would suggest that the man is a Crow, since the hair net was often identified with that people. He wears a choker necklace, a green breechcloth, and moccasins. His waist is girdled with what has otherwise been identified as a cartridge belt; if so, it is misplaced on him. His followers carry bows and arrows and feathered lances, while one bears a shield. Their varied face and body paint is clearly shown. One wears a buffalo horn headdress, another a feather in his hair. Several have their hair dressed in the Crow pompadour, while others wear it gathered in a horn on the brow. It may be that the party is made up of raiders from several peoples.

[Image: 11.jpg]
Page 9. The narrative now is reduced to its essential elements. On page 9, the fugitive, minus his robe, has concealed himself in tall grass, while the lancer searches vainly for him.
[Image: 12.jpg] Page 10 depicts an encampment of tipis with trees in the background and grass before. The lancer had ridden through the camp--see the hoof prints, the trail of his bonnet, and the rump and bobbed tail of his pony. Standing before the camp, a Plateau man is firing a gun at the raider. In his garb, he resembles the fugitive, save that his brow hair is en brosse.

[Image: 13.jpg]

Page 10d ends the sequence. The lancer has fallen--hoofprints show that his mount has gone by--and blood gushes from his mouth.

His slayer has walked up and is in the act of counting coup upon him with a coupstick or the wiping rod for his gun.

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