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A Cayuse-Nez Percé Sketchbook

The Duel

Page 7

Two mounted IndiansPage 7. Two mounted Indians confront each other. The Plateau man on the left rides a black horse with white nose and white stockings. Instead of a bridle, he governs his steed with a noose around its neck--an improvisation that suggests haste. His hair hangs freely down his back; he wears a green shirt and brown leggings, the latter apparently of buckskin. His carefully drawn features suggest a portrait. His opponent, on a brown pony with its tail tied up, wears a green shirt and breechcloth, together with a warbonnet with pendant tail. Reins in hand, he discharges his gun at the other rider. Since the latter shows no wound, he apparently has escaped the encounter without serious injury, perhaps because of the protection of his sacred Power.

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