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“Coal, Conflict, and a Campaign”

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Rufus C. Holman, the incumbent Republican senator in 1944.

Photograph courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society. OrHi 48437.

The U.S. Army took over operations of many Montgomery Ward stores during the war, such as this one in San Rafael, California, because of their refusal to obey NWLB directives.

Photograph courtesy of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

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Along with seizing the Chicago Montgomery Ward store, the Army also seized Montgomery Ward president Sewell Avery on April 27, 1944.

Photograph from the Portland Oregonian, AP Wire Photo.

Letter from President Roosevelt to Wayne Morse thanking him for his service on the NWLB, January 29, 1944.

Wayne Morse Papers, Coll. 1.

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Examples of Morse's campaign literature for his first campaign in 1944.

Wayne Morse Papers, Coll. 1.

Despite the demands of his Senate work, Morse always made time to spend on his ranch.

University of Oregon Archives.

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