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posterThis exhibit was created and produced by the University of Oregon Libraries' Diversity Committee: Christine Carmichael, James Fox, and Karen Munro; and by Normandy Helmer of Special Collections and University Archives.

Images were selected from the collections of Angelus Studio, Roy Andrews, W.S. Bowman, Charles W. Furlong, Lee Moorhouse, and the Print Collection. All rights are reserved. For permission to reuse these images, see Conditions of Use.

Tom Robinson, a noted historian of Oregon photography, provided the images of James Wasson and the women packing Affinity Kisses from his extensive collection. For permission to reuse these images, see Images from the Robinson collection were used in recognition of Robinson's announced intention to leave his extensive photograph collections to the University of Oregon.

Prof. Peggy Pascoe was a valued advisor. Marilyn Reaves contributed editorial assistance.

Scans and photographs were produced by Image Services' Rick Gersbach, under the leadership of Lesli Larson. Cristian Boboia of Exhibit Services designed the logo and the poster, and prepared the exhibit mountings.

The exhibit authors would like to express their appreciation to the supervisors who allowed us to set aside some routine duties to perform the extensive research required.

This is a permanent website, accompanying a physical exhibit displayed in the Knight Library July 13-Oct. 10, 2005. The original images are available through Special Collections.
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