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Ready to Combat the World

Ablaze with Adventure and Verve

Life as a Lucy Stoner

It Must Be Human

An Audience with an Emperor

The Legacy She Left Behind

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About the Exhibit

Our exhibit, “Talk of the Town: Jane Grant, The New Yorker, and the Oregon Legacy of a Twentieth-Century Feminist,” was made possible by our co-sponsors:

The University of Oregon Libraries

Center for the Study of Women in Society

Office of the Provost

The exhibit design and production

The exhibit was coordinated by Linda Long, Manuscripts Librarian

The exhibit text was written by Susan Rich

The virtual exhibit was designed by Daniel Gilfillan, Multimedia Consultant, Feminist Humanities Project

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all the people who helped us produce this exhibit and the related events, all of which required a great deal of collaboration and cooperation. We owe special thanks to:

George Shipman, University Librarian
John Moseley, University Provost
Bernard McTigue, Director of Special Collections and University Archives
Judith Musick, Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Women in Society
John Shin, Research Associate, Center for the Study of Women in Society
Lori Howard, University Publications
Yoon Kim, Media Services, University of Oregon Library
San Srisuro, Media Services, University of Oregon Library
Jan Roberson, Preservation Department, University of Oregon Library
Judi Byrum, Administrative Services, University of Oregon Library
Duffy Knaus, University of Oregon Library
Emily Glenn, University of Oregon Library
Kelly Sullivan, University of Oregon Library
Will Harmon, University of Oregon Library
Linda Zimmerman, University of Oregon Library
John Gervais, University of Oregon Library

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