Under Western Skies: Ernest Haycox and the West in Fiction and Film
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The July 15, 1927 issue of Adventure Magazine that included Haycox's short story "Winds of Rebellion." Ernest Haycox Papers, Coll. 164 (458K)

Haycox, Ernest. "Under Western Skies." Western Story, December 3, 1927. Ernest Haycox Papers, Coll. 164 (541K)

Ernest Haycox kept a very detailed account of the income from his writings. On loan from Ernest Haycox, Jr. (496K, 539K)

Haycox, Ernest. "The Trap Lifters." Sea Stories, October 20, 1922. The magazine's description calls it "An exciting tale of fish piracy in Puget Sound." Ernest Haycox Papers, Coll. 164 (490K, 427K)

"The Trap Lifters" was the first published story for which Haycox received money.

The September 25, 1927 issue of Short Stories that included Haycox's story "A Rider of the High Mesa." Ernest Haycox Papers, Coll. 164 (483K)

Haycox's personal diary, which he kept from 1930 through 1945. On loan from Ernest Haycox, Jr. (345K)

More than a day-to-day accounting of activities, the journal contains philosophical meditations that reflect Haycox's work ethic and personal character.

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