Under Western Skies: Ernest Haycox and the West in Fiction and Film
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Haycox worked in Alaska during the summer of 1920 as a commercial fisherman and in the fall entered Reed College. On loan from Ernest Haycox, Jr. (45K)

Haycox's letter to the University of Oregon Registrar, inquiring about the application process. University of Oregon Archives (559K)

"What I desire is such a course of literature that will enable me to produce readable and salable material. Always considering of course the amount of ability necessary to undertake this as a profession."

Haycox's senior picture in the student yearbook, the Oregana, 1923. University of Oregon Archives (664K, 262K)

Haycox's transcript from the University of Oregon, 1923. University of Oregon Archives (702K)

Haycox on the steps of Fenton Hall, then the University Library. On loan from Ernest Haycox, Jr. (172K)

The details of the occasion are not known, but it probably had something to do with Lemon Punch, the campus humor magazine, for which Haycox was the editorial editor. The words "Lemon Punch" can be seen tacked up on the wooden stand just beyond the women in the picture.

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