Under Western Skies: Ernest Haycox and the West in Fiction and Film
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Steve McQuiddy
Steve McQuiddy is a freelance writer and editor based in Eugene. His stories on Opal Whiteley and other Pacific Northwest literary and cultural figures have been widely published. He edits the Lane County Historian, is an honorary director of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, and recently completed the ten-part "Century" series of monthly installments for the Eugene Register-Guard. He also reviews books for Salon.com and Mother Jones, and is editorial director of Intangible Publications, an award-winning non-profit web publisher of the arts and humanities, at www.intangible.org.

Forest Pyle
Forest Pyle is an associate professor of English at the University of Oregon, specializing in romanticism and literary theory. His publications include "Raymond Williams and the Inhuman Limits of Culture;" "Keat's Materialism;" "A Novel Sympathy: The Imagination of Community in George Eliot" and The Ideology of Imagination: Subject and Society in the Discourse of Romanticism. He also teaches courses in Western American literature and the Western film and is presently at work on Cormac McCarthy's Evening Redness in the West.