Feminist Voices & Visions

Events for March 1998

Monday, March 9:

Reception, Knight Library Browsing Room, 7:30 pm
Official Opening of the Exhibit (open to the public); Featured speakers: Margarita Donnelly, Managing Editor of CALYX and Ursula Le Guin (reading her poem, "For Calyx")

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Events for May 1998

Friday, May 1:

Lecture by Tee Corinne, Knight Library Special Collections Reading Room, 4:00 pm
Tee Corinne is a writer and photographer living in southern Oregon, as well as a contributor to CALYX, a journal of art and literature by women. She will be discussing her experiences working with CALYX. Margarita Donnelly of CALYX will introduce the speaker.

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Tuesday, May 26:

On the Road with Abigail Scott Duniway: Travels and Editorial Correspondence for the New Northwest, Knight Library Browsing Room, 3:00 pm
Featured speakers: Jean Ward, Chair, Communication Department and Director, Gender Studies, Lewis & Clark College; and Elaine Maveety, Coordinator, Gender Studies Symposium, Lewis & Clark College.

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