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[Photo: Lisa Domitrovich]

[Photo: Debbie Berrow, Teresa Vazquez, and Lisa Domitrovich]

[Photo: Lisa Domitrovich and Debbie Berrow]

Lisa Domitrovich (co-managing editor) bulk mailing journals, ca. 1987

Left to right: Debbie Berrow (art editor), Teresa Vazquez (intern), and Lisa Domitrovich (co-managing editor), ca. 1987

Lisa Domitrovich (co-managing editor) and Debbie Berrow (art editor), unloading the truck from a journal delivery, ca. 1987

[Photo: Debbie Berrow, Toklat, and Margarita Donnelly]

[Photo: Valerie Eames, Margarita Donnelly, and Barbara Baldwin]

[Photo: Margarita Donnelly, Barbara Baldwin, Elizabeth McLagan, and Meredith Jenkins]

Office mascot Toklat takes a supporting role as Debbie Berrow (art editor from 1983 to 1992) and Margarita Donnelly (current director) work on the pre-computer subscription system, the "Addressograph" machine, ca. 1979

An editorial meeting for the international anthology, 1979. Left to right: Valerie Eames (sitting), Margarita Donnelly, and Barbara Baldwin

An early staff meeting in Barbara Baldwin's home, February 1978. Left to right: Margarita Donnelly, prose editor (back to camera); Barbara Baldwin, poetry editor; Elizabeth McLagan, poetry editor; Meredith Jenkins, art editor.

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