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Cheris Kramarae, cheris@uoregon.edu

The CALYX exhibit was researched, written and designed by Cheris Kramarae, a visiting professor at the Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon.

She has authored, edited, or coedited 11 books including Technology and Women's Voices; Women, Information Technology, and Scholarship (WITS); The Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist Scholarship; The Revolution in Words: Righting Women 1868-1871; and The Radical Women's Press of the 1850s.

Her recent articles focus on gender in and around the Internet. Kramarae and Dale Spender are general editors of the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies (2000).

Debra Shein

The Abigail Scott Duniway exhibit was researched, designed and scripted by Debra Shein, then a graduate student in English completing her Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Oregon. The dissertation, entitled “No Canada for Fugitive Wives,” is an in-depth study of five of Duniway's twenty-two novels. As a result of this work, the Washington State University Press released one of the novels, Edna & John: A Romance of Idaho Flat, edited and with an afterword by Shein. This was the first time it has been available since its original publication as a weekly serial in the 1870s. Full text versions of the other four novels are available in the dissertation. Shein also published a brief literary biography titled Abigail Scott Duniway that includes short summaries of all of  Duniway's novels. It appears as number 151 in the Boise State   University Western Writers Series.

Shein, who has long had a passion for working with archival materials, became interested in Duniway while working as a manuscript processor at the University of Oregon library. After Abigail's papers were donated by her grandson, David Duniway, Shein was assigned the task of readying them for the public. Although she later had to relinquish the completion of this task, she remained captivated by Duniway's charisma, and was convinced that she should devote herself to the project of recovering the novels.

Prior to beginning the work on her Ph.D., Shein also received an M.A. in English (1993), and a B.A. with Honors in English (1991) from the University of Oregon. In 1991, she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa's Oregon Six, and she was twice awarded the Eric Englund Scholarship for Study in American Literature and History. Her research has been assisted by a grant from the Center for the Study of Women in Society. Debra Shein is currently (2006) a member of the faculty of Idaho State University.

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