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Burgess Collection

Contents of the Burgess Manuscript Collection

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Author(s) and/or Title(s)DateLanguage
MS 1Lucius Annaeus Florus, Epitome of Roman History; Sextus Ruffus, Contents of Livy's History of Rome15th c.Latin
MS 2[Unknown], PoemsUnknownPersian
MS 3Cosmo A Ponormio, Disquisitions Concerning Angels17th c.Latin
MS 4Petrus Pinna, Liber Notandii17th c.Latin and Spanish
MS 5Stchonghaetzi, Grammar18th c.Armenian
MS 6[Unknown], Prayers18th c.Coptic and Arabic
MS 7[Unknown], Mohammedan EpistleUnknown.Arabic
MS 8Thomas of Strassburg, Commentaria super quatuor libros Sententiarum15th c.Latin
MS 9Rabanus Maurus, Commentary on the Book of Numbers12th c.Latin
MS 10[Unknown], Sir Gy and Colbronde18th-19th c.English
MS 11Gospel of John13th c.Greek
MS 12Marcus Tullius Cicero, De Oratore and Orator15th c.Latin
MS 13Plato, Phaedon, trans. Leonardo Bruni15th c.Latin
MS 14St. Bernard of Clairvaux, De Consideratione15th c.Latin
MS 15[Unknown]UnknownGreek
MS 16[Unknown], Institutionum Phisicarum Liber18th c.Latin
MS 17Jami, Baharistan16th c.Persian
MS 18[Unknown], Logica et Metaphysica18th c.Latin
MS 19[Unknown], Samaritan rituals19th c.[Unknown]
MS 20[Unknown], Concordance to Aristophanes19th c.Greek
MS 21Sheikh Sivasi, Treatise on Ethics19th c.Turkish
MS 22[Unknown], Missale Maronitarum17th c.Syric and Karshuni
MS 23[Unknown]17th-18th c.Unknown
MS 24Franciscus Biondini, Missam pontificalem in festo sanctorum apostolarum Petri et Pauli18th c.Latin
MS 25St. Augustine of Hippo, Collection of Works on Marriage and Sexuality12th c.Latin
MS 26Gregory I (Saint, Pope), Dialogorum Libri IV12th c.Latin
MS 27Gregory IX, Decretalium Libri V13th c.Latin
MS 28Vulgate Bible, trans. by St. Jerome, including a prologue (a letter from Jerome to Paulinus), a Book of Interpretation of Hebrew Names and a concordance13th-14th c.Latin
MS 29[Unknown], Dirsana Mikael17th c.Ethiopian
MS 30[Unknown], Privilegia et documenta ad monasterium S. Zenonius Maiorii Veronae16th c.Latin
MS 31Vulgate Bible (Liber Prophetarum), trans by St. Jerome14th c.Latin
MS 32Marcus Tullius Cicero, De Officiis;  Sallust, De Conjuratione Catilinae and Bellum Jugurthinum15th c.Latin
MS 33Terrence, Comoediae15th c.Latin
MS 34[Aemilius Macer, or possibly Odo Magdunensis], Macer Floridus de Viribus Herbarum15th c.Latin
MS 35John Halgren of Abbeville, Sermones de Tempore (fragment)13th c.Latin
MS 36Leonardo Bruni, Tractatus de militia; Lucius Annaeus Florus, Epitome of Roman History; Plutarch, Epistle; Titus Livius, Excerpts; Flavius Josephus, Excerpts15th c.Latin
MS 37[Unknown], Compendium of Logic, Commentary on the Organon, Compendium of Moral Philosophy and Commentary on Aristotle's Moral Philosophy (Nichomachean Ethics)16th c.Latin
MS 38[Unknown], Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae15th c.Latin
MS 39[Unknown], Statuta et Provisiones Honorum Collegii17th c.Latin
MS 40Marcus Tullius Cicero, Argumenta15th c.Latin
MS 41[Unknown], Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae15th c.Latin
MS 42Zia-u ed-Din Nakhshabi, Tuti-NamehUnknownPersian
MS 43Sa'di, Gulistan and Bustan17th c.Persian
MS 44Hafiz, Odes; [Unknown], Commentary on the Koran; [Unknown], Poems18th c.Persian and Turkish
MS 45Hafiz, Dewan17th-18th c.Persian
MS 46Husain ibn Ahd al Ramuz ibn Sadi al-Din, Levant17th c.Arabic
MS 47Anvar I Suhaili, The Fables of Bidpai19th c.Persian
MS 48Marcus Tullius Cicero, Orationes;Pseudo-Cicero, In C. Sallustium Invectiva and Oratio ad Romanos; Pseudo-Sallust, In M. Tullium Ciceronem Invectiva15th c.Latin
MS 49Tchasoslow, Horae19th c.Church Slavic
MS 50[Unknown], Deed16th c.Latin
MS 51[Unknown], Edict19th c.Turkish
MS 52[Unknown], Apocalypse19th c.Church Slavic
MS 53Al Fadil Ali Alkari, Commentary on Healing, vol II19th c.Arabic
MS 54[Unknown], Leaf from a Book of Hours14th c.Latin
MS 56[Unknown], The Transfiguration on the Mount17th c.Armenian
MS 58[Unknown], Two Leaves from a French Breviary15th c.Latin
MS 61[Unknown], Leaf from French Book of Hours15th c.Latin
MS 62[Unknown], Miniature14th c.Latin
MS 64[Unknown], Two Ecclesiastical Illuminations18th c.Russian

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