Baseball: Researching the National Pastime


Baseball: Researching the National Pastime is the work of Blake Scott, Ted Smith, and Mark Watson of the University of Oregon Libraries.

The authors would like to thank Lesli Larson, Cristian Boboia, and the rest of the Image Services Center staff for their assistance in the preparation of the exhibit. University Archivist Heather Briston provided invaluable assistance in finding materials for the "Baseball at the UO" display. Marilyn Mohr and the rest of the Exhibits Committee provided a great deal of helpful advice in planning the exhibit.

Special thanks to Collin and Trevor Smith for providing materials from their private collections to use in the display.
April 27, 2004
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Much of the credit for the quality of the exhibit materials goes to graphics artist
Cristian Boboia,
whose work on the exhibit materials was invaluable to the authors.