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The e-Asia project is funded by the University of Oregon Library through the generosity of Nissho Iwai. By building a collection of digitized e-books and a database of full text web resources, e-Asia strives to contribute to the research and scholarship of East Asia. While the e-Asia project is based largely on resources held at the University of Oregon Library, its purpose is neither to duplicate nor displace printed traditonal materials. Rather, by providing searchable full text, the digitalization efforts of e-Asia represent a new tool aimed at facilitating the information-gathering process. e-Asia has no library hours because it is available 24 hours a day on the web; there is no waiting in line at the circulation desk, and there is no check-out period for e-Asia books; the books that you download become, in effect, your books. In terms of class reading assignments, e-Asia has the potential to reduce the amount of material placed on reserve as well as the struggle that ensues when copies of printed works are too few and students in need of those works are too many.

Last updated May 19, 2016

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