Library Diversity Committee

The Library Diversity Committee (LDC) provides leadership in the area of equity and inclusion by devising overarching strategies, making recommendations, and raising the visibility of the Library's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Group's Charge

  • Provides leadership for the development and assessment of short- and long-term strategies for structure, policies, processes, curricula and engagement in alignment with the University-wide Diversity Plan and other matters concerning diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Develops activities that promote cultural competency among library employees;
  • Advises Library Administration regarding issues related to equity and inclusion;
  • Collaborates with individuals and organizations to further diversity-related goals.

Team Membership

This group is made up of appointed individuals with staggered two-year terms, plus the Vice Provost & University Librarian, who serves as ex officio member. 

Current Library Diversity Committee Members

  • Jennifer Bath, Access Services Specialist, Design Library (chair)
  • Chrissy Hursh, Resource Sharing Assistant (vice chair)

  • Michael BrownTechnology and Access Services Manager, Portland Library and Learning Commons

  • Dante Buccieri, Lending Services Evening and Weekend Manage

  • Shelley Harshe, Administrative Operations Manager

  • Kevin McDowellJapanese Studies Librarian, Subject Specialist for History, Interim Subject Specialist for Political Science

  • Rayne Vieger, Coordinator eLearning & OER


  • LDC meets monthly.

Resource People or Groups

This refers to people or teams that are available to the group as resources for consultation, but who are not expected to attend every meeting or participate in all tasks. In this case, known resources are: Library Council, campus-level contacts or committees, and other stakeholders as identified by the team.


The Library Diversity Committee began as the Library Diversity Task Force, established in October 1996 by George Shipman, then University Librarian, to develop a library-wide diversity program. The initial goal of the task force, associated with Association of Research Library's diversity efforts, was to keep diversity in the forefront of library-wide activities. To this end, it sponsored several diversity-related public events and commenced the development of a multicultural resource guide. In March 1998, Shipman created a formal Library Diversity Advisory Group, and the group's name became the Library Diversity Committee in November 2000. The committee's efforts achieved special recognition in 2000 when past and present members were honored with UO's Martin Luther King, Jr. Award.

Lending Services Evening and Weekend Manager