Withdrawals from Scholars' Bank

Scholars' Bank has been established as a permanent archive. In exceptional cases, authors, editors, or community liaisons may request that works be removed from the archive. Reasons for withdrawal of content could be factual inaccuracy, copyright infringement, or plagiarism. Ordinarily, content will not be removed simply because the author has produced a revised version of a work.

When the Scholars' Bank Coordinator removes content, the description (metadata) for the work will remain as a placeholder in the archive, with its affiliated handle, or URL. A brief statement explaining the reason for withdrawal of the content will be added to the metadata.

No materials will be removed without the authors' knowledge. The Scholars' Bank Coordinator reserves the right to remove items from the repository if notified by a third party of potential copyright infringement. In such cases, authors and communities will be notified.

Please note: All electronic theses and dissertations are part of University Archives, and as such are permanent records. They are not candidates for withdrawal.