Submitting to Scholars' Bank

The Scholars' Bank archive is divided into "communities" corresponding to different organizations or academic departments on campus. Communities are divided into "collections" which contain individual items.

Background & Basic Steps

  1. While most submissions are made by Scholars' Bank staff or a departmental representative, anyone who is a registered member of an established community in Scholars' Bank may submit appropriate materials to the community's collections.
  2. To register for the first time, a user should click on the Register link and supply his or her complete email address, such as First-time users will receive an email enabling them to select a password for signing in.
  3. After accessing the desired collection, the user may proceed with the submission, supplying information in the submission form and uploading files when prompted. Submitters will also be prompted to provide descriptive information (metadata) that will help search engines  and other researchers locate their work.
  4. For assistance submitting materials to the archive, contact us at A brief training session for your departmental representative or other submitters can be arranged. You may also request that submissions be handled by library staff.
  5. Some collections require that new submissions be reviewed by a member of the sponsoring community. In that case, individual users will see their submissions appear in Scholars' Bank after review. 

Feedback & Follow-up

To ensure the long-term success of the archive, we require your feedback on how it works and what issues are important to you. You can send your comments by email to

Thank you for contributing to Scholars' Bank.

Questions? Contact or visit the Digital Scholarship Services.