Preservation of Files in Scholar's Bank

Scholar's Bank accepts most file formats on deposit. For specifc guidelines about file formats see our Data file format standards page. If file size exceeds 50 MB, the Scholar's Bank Coordinator must be notified in advance. 

As far as resources and technology permit, the University of Oregon Libraries will take steps to ensure that the files deposited in Scholars' Bank survive uncorrupted and continue to be usable. The steps taken to ensure long term viability of the materials include:

  • nightly production of ASCII text backup, when possible, for those files that are text-based
  • nightly incremental backup of files and metadata to the Libraries' mass storage unit
  • bi-weekly backup from the mass storage unit to tape
  • bi-monthly export of the metadata and directory structure as a tar file to another system
  • storage of magnetic tapes outside of the main library building
  • conversion of some file formats upon deposit to more secure file formats
  • periodic checking of file integrity to avoid data corruption
  • monitoring the technological environment to prepare for file migration as file formats become obsolete or the software needed to run them becomes unavailable

Because the technological environment is changing rapidly, it may not be possible to preserve the usability of every file format that is deposited in Scholar's Bank. The University of Oregon Libraries will make a good-faith effort to maintain the viability of the materials deposited in Scholar's Bank or return them to their authors if unable to do so.