Scholars' Bank

Copyright & Scholars' Bank

Authors who submit their research to Scholars' Bank retain their copyright unless they explicitly give it away to a third party. The University of Oregon Libraries does not seek nor claim copyright on work submitted to Scholars' Bank. The Libraries ask authors to agree to a non-exclusive distribution license, which means that authors may make copies of their work available on other sites or formally publish their work without obtaining permission from the Libraries.

Authors may specify conditions on the re-use of their materials in Scholars' Bank by choosing a customized Creative Commons License. Alternately, the author may reserve all rights.

For more detailed information on licensing your work, see this guide or contact the Scholars' Bank Manager at

Prior Publishing Agreements & Self-Archiving

Some authors are concerned that depositing their work in Scholars' Bank may violate copyright agreements that they have with their publishers. In reality, more and more commercial publishers are recognizing authors' rights to post preprints and/or postprints of their work online, also known as self-archiving. To determine where your publisher stands on the issue:

  1. Visit the Sherpa Romeo Web site and search under the name of your publisher and/or journal title.
  2. If your publisher is not listed, the library can help you investigate this issue with your publisher. It is not unusual to find that you already have permission to post your work in an institutional repository without having to negotiate a special agreement. Contact the Scholars' Bank Administrator for assistance.
  3. You can modify this sample letter to inquire with your publisher about your rights to self-archive.

Questions? Contact or visit the Digital Scholarship Services.