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Education & Experimentation

In response to a needs assessment of 2012 with faculty and graduate students, one of the Digital Scholarship Center (DSC)'s primary objectives is to encourage and support experimentation and education with digital tools and technologies.

Digital Lab

The digital lab was created as a sandbox for faculty and students to test out digital tools and technologies with the support of an IT professional. We will install almost anything open source and have both physical computers in the DSC and virtual servers available through Amazon Web Services.

Quick Wins Tutorials

Many scholars come into the DSC wanting to test out digital tools and don't need to invest in a large-scale digital project. We've developed Quick Win guides for some of our most frequently requested digital applications. Is there an additional quick win guides that you'd like to see, recommend a Quick Win through our contact form.

In the Past: Credit Courses

The DSC provides credit courses to support student learning objectives with digital technologies. Many of the courses are designed to support the New Media & Culture Certificate. The DSC is working on establishing a curriculum with regular offerings. Credit courses can also be constructed based on student demand.

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