What's In It For Me?

Reasons to Submit Your Work to Scholars' Bank

  • Your research in one place, whether it be a conference presentation, working paper, peer-reviewed article, class lecture, book review, data set, or other type of work.
  • Unique and stable URL for citation of each work.
  • Archived and preserved at no cost to faculty or to their departments.
  • Text-based materials indexed so that the full text is searchable.
  • Work is highly discoverable; Google, Google Scholar and other search engines routinely harvest information from Scholars' Bank and add links to their indexes. (Be aware that indexing sometimes takes a few weeks.)
  • Submissions are immediately date-stamped, marking the content as having been created by the faculty member on the date of submission. (Earlier dates of publication can be added.)
  • Citations can be added to the records in Scholars' Bank to link to formal publications or to versions that have been previously made accessible through other venues.
  • Faculty can select their own keywords or terms to describe the subject of their work.
  • Faculty can handle the submissions themselves without any library involvement (once the library sets up the collection) or they can arrange to have the library do all the work for them, free of charge.


If you are interested in archiving your work in Scholars' Bank, contact us to get started.

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