Honor Roll of Donors - Lifetime Giving

The University of Oregon Libraries gratefully acknowledges the generous support of alumni, friends, small businesses, corporations, and foundations. Thank you!

(Reflects giving through Oct. 28, 2015.)


Benefactor - $500,000.00 or Greater

Barbara Cargill '62

Kellie '89 and Scott Chambers '82

Estate of Clarice E. Krieg

Estate of Eleanor C. Proctor

Estate of Peter P. Proctor, III

Estate of Anita Simons Summers

Estate of Margaret C. Woodard

Google, Inc.

Lorry I. Lokey

Meyer Memorial Trust

Donald Mickelwait '55

Jeffrey Morgan '88

Paulson Investment Company, Inc.

Jacqueline and Chester Paulson '58

Nancy and David Petrone '66

Shirley '53 and James Rippey '53

Doris M. Scharpf

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Kenda '74 and Kenneth Singer

Sojitz Corporation of America

Mary Corrigan Solari '46

Tides Foundation


In Memoriam

Richard Solari


Guardian - $100,000 - $499,999

Gerald Alexanderson '55

Mike and Colleen Bellotti

Patricia and John Bentley '52

Ruth '51 and Owen Bentley, Jr. '50

Leona '51 and Robert DeArmond '52

Estate of Leah B. Albertsen

Estate of Tee Corinne

Estate of Jean H. Gillett

Estate of Elma Doris Havemann

Estate of James C. Ingebretsen

Estate of Katherine Karpenstein

Estate of Ruth H. Keen

Estate of Charlene C. LeFebre

Estate of Perry D. Morrison

Estate of Henry R. Stern

Estate of Lowell Turrentine


Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

James Forster

Dan Giustina '72

Gennifer Giustina

Gregory Lee Giustina

Nick Giustina '72

Tom Giustina

Howard Gottlieb

Margaret Hart

Mimi and Tom Hartfield '75

Rosaria P. Haugland Foundation

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers

Viola Jacobson '42

Kate Knight

Carol Kopp '75

James '57 and Sharon '59 Laughton

Jill and Phillip Lighty, Jr. '68

Sally and John Linman

John Marcus '67 and Barbara Leap

Morris Graves Foundation


Hattie Mae Nixon '61

Northern Trust Bank

Pamela Saltenberger '66

Cheryl and George Scherzer '74

Cary Taylor-Scherzer and Robert Scherzer '74

Schwab Charitable Fund

Barbara Blinco Sparks '49

Lisa and Jon Stine '82

Rennard Strickland

Tarbell Family Foundation

Terry and David Taylor '78

The Autzen Foundation

The James Blue Alliance

The Oregon Community Foundation

Dorris Coombs Thomas '37

Tommy Thompson '54 and Ann Thompson

Julie A. '65 and Keith L. Thomson

Cynthia Villani '66

Louise Wade

Clark Wingert, Jr.


In Memoriam

Thomas Autzen '41

Robert Braddock '37

Hazel Edmiston Endicott

William H. Gardner '49

Wallace Huntington '52

Mildred MacKinnon '45

Mary Lois Reed McMillan

Toyoki Okabayashi '60

Lois Scharpf Reed '34

William Scharpf '43

Mary Stern

Theodore Stern


Patron - $50,000 - $99,999.99

Marcia Leonard Aaron '86

AAV Charitable Lead Trust

Arkay Foundation

Asia & Pacific Internet Association

Herbert C. Baker '49

Gretchen and Walter Barger '68

Gwyneth Booth

Chambers Family Foundation

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Molly Hedges Clarey '82 and Tom Clarey '72

Estate of Kenneth & Helen Ghent

Estate of Elisabeth K. Gudde

Estate of William Herbring

Estate of Rosemary H. Hone

Estate of Betty R. Johnson

Estate of Hazel A. Johnson

Estate of Patricia Harris Noyes

Estate of Paul Spangler

Estate of Polly Tarbell

Estate of Thelma B. Whittier

Susan Hirschman

Jon Jaqua

Robin Jaqua '71

Jodi Kahn and Frederic M. Poust '82

Tina and Jay Lamb '76

Mardell Lanfranco '66

Sally McCracken '50

Wendy Millard '93

Cordelia Sayler '67

Donn Sullivan '55

Darcy and Harry Tarbell III '65

The New York Community Trust

Louise Westling '74 and George Wickes

Carolyn Kizer and John Woodbridge


In Memoriam

Martha L. Baker '47

Brian Booth '58

Mirza Dickel '47

Russell Donnelly

James Henry

Dorothy Ingebretsen

James Ingebretsen

James Kopp '75

Charles LeFebre '63

Phillip Lighty (Sr.)

Paul McCracken '49

Eleanor C. Proctor

Anita Summers '43


Sponsor - $25,000 - $49,999.99

American Library Association

Baker Family Foundation

Lloydene '56 and Richard Barbour '55

Eileen Blaser '38

Karen and William Boyd

Florence '73 and Kai-Ming Chen '73

Megan Clarey '12

D.A. Davidson Companies

Debra '81 and Brian Dunham '81

Mary and James Dunnam '67

Estate of Lucile Hatch

Estate of Richard Noyes

Estate of Robertson E. Collins

First Interstate Bank of Oregon

Thelma Greenfield '44

Kelly '78 and Robert Hale

Susan and Gary Harbison

Makiko and Herman Hartman

Robert Heffernan, Jr. '53

Joan Gray '83 and Harris Hoffman '82

Lynnette and Donald Houghton '68

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Paulette and Michael Hurt '65

Intel Foundation

Samuel Jacobson

David Karr '53

Elisabeth Lardner '80 and James Klein '80

Kim and John Lazarich '81

Glenn May

Kathryn McWilliams '43

Ann Morgan

Sheri and Eric Olson '69

Pacific Power Foundation

Douglas Patton

Deborah Carver and John Pegg '74

Hope Hughes Pressman '42

R. Jean & James D. Taylor Foundation

RBC Dain Rauscher

Robert J. & Leona DeArmond Foundation

Betty '56 and Norman Ruecker '54

Linda and Ernest Scatton

Carl Schlossman '87

The Shi Che Chen Revocable Trust

Carol Shininger '61

Parinaz Pahlavi and Brian Shipman '96

Mary E. '69 and Richard N. Smith '68

Sony Disc Manufacturing

Virginia Starr '66

Patricia Steele '78

Russella and James Taylor '57

The Henry Luce Foundation

Tokyo Alumni Ducks

UO Alumni Association

Kenneth Walsh '73

Courtenay Wilcox

Carol '68 and Eugene Woodward


In Memoriam

William and Barbara Bowerman, Sr. '33

Glenn Cougill '42

L. Clifton Culp '33

Charles S. Eaton '38

Jean Gillett '39

Thomas Hart

Patricia Heffernan

Margaret Hubbs '35

Ronald Hubbs '29

Jesse Jennings Sr.

Norma Karr

David McNutt '56

Catherine Morrison

Perry Morrison

Paul Spangler '19

Mildred Whipple '31

Marian Wilson


If you have any questions or concerns about the way in which your name is listed, please contact Camille Gullickson, at camilleg(at)uoregon.edu or (541) 346-1871.