A Teahouse, a Wigwam, and the Sex Lives of Vegetables

An exhibit in the Architecture & Allied Arts Library

Fall 2015

Detail from the artist's book Fish Stories by Mare Blocke
Enrich your experience of the new academic year with a visit to the A&AA Library, and take a look at a new exhibit featuring some of the unique items to be found in our collections.
On exhibit are eight intriguing artists’ books which showcase some of the creative and skillful approaches used in this form of art. Examples make use of a variety of materials and cover such diverse topics as conspiracies by rabbits, human rights, Chinese opera, and things about vegetables you never knew.
Also on display is a Chippewa wigwam model, an example of many models of Native American architecture created for a course taught by Professor Leland M. Roth.
Another unique item to see is a rare pop-up model of a Japanese teahouse, one of 90 from a set designed to offer clients and builders three-dimensional examples and specifications appropriate to the ceremony of their choice.
The A&AA Library is itself an ongoing exhibit with art, models, and other artifacts filling its spaces.  For library hours, see here.