Library Exhibits

The Caribbean Women Healers Project is a collaborative research project built as a result of the journeys Dr. Ana-Maurine Lara and Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos took within Caribbean communities throughout the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Pacific Northwest region.
The UO Libraries supports student success in multiple ways, including through the annual Undergraduate Research Awards. In this exhibit, located in the Knight Library lobby, explore the 2019 winner’s projects and all of the librarians and library resources, to inspire your own success this year! Learn how you can submit to win too.
12/16/19 Knight Library
The UO Libraries and Eugene Public Library are pleased to announce a joint exhibition presenting original manuscripts, artifacts, illustrations, and rare books which explore the intersection of politics, space, and technology in children’s literature published during the height of the Cold War.
11/14/19 Special Collections and University Archives
The publication of a book is a major achievement, representing significant investments of research, creativity, time, and resources. In conjunction with the 2019-20 "UO Authors, Book Talks" series, this digital exhibition highlights the recently published work of 22 faculty authors.
Experience the story of the color red situated within global perspectives that tell stories about objects from UO Libraries, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Red Thread is a digital guide created by Vera Keller, associate professor of history, through the Digital Scholarship Center Faculty Grants Program.
Yōkai Senjafuda is a digital exhibition about ghosts and monsters in Japanese votive slips. Meet the ogres, demons, enchanted animals, and animated objects that haunt the UO’s world-class collection of senjafuda, little woodblock prints made to be collected and shared. Yōkai Senjafuda is led by Associate Professor Glynne Walley and co-sponsored by the JSMA and UO Libraries, with generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
A digital exhibit celebrating the life and legacy of a media pioneer. Peg Lynch was the first woman to create, write, star in, and solely own a sitcom series. Her show Ethel and Albert enjoyed a long and enormously successful run on radio and, beginning in 1944, television. Lynch developed her own brand of gentle, domestic comedy that won the hearts of viewers across the country and was applauded by critics as well.
A digital exhibit celebrating Public Domain Day. For the first time in over twenty years, new work will be entering the public domain: books, movies, music, and art from 1923.
An exhibit in the Design Library, Winter 2019. This exhibit explores artists' books as a delivery mechanism for poetry.
1/11/19 Design Library
An exhibit in Special Collections and University Archives, Winter 2019. The University of Oregon proudly celebrates over 100 years of track and field.
1/7/19 Special Collections and University Archives
A juried exhibition of student art showcasing creative expressions of the culture we aspire to have
10/26/18 Knight Library
On display during the Fall 2018 term in the Special Collection and University Archives Paulson Reading Room
10/26/18 Special Collections and University Archives
An exhibit in the Design Library, featuring items made in workshops at the DeArmond MakerSpace
10/7/18 Design Library
Exhibit in the Knight Library. Check out the NEW items on display for Winter 2019!
10/4/18 Knight Library
An exhibit in Special Collections & University Archives, April 23-June 15
4/18/18 Special Collections and University Archives
An exhibit profiling several international science award winners
4/10/18 Price Science Commons & Research Library
An Exhibit in Knight Library, Fall 2018 and Winter 2019
4/4/18 Knight Library
An Exhibit Celebrating Black History Month
2/5/18 Special Collections and University Archives
Introducing a Guide for Research
1/29/18 Knight Library
A selection of SCUA commonplace books, diaries, and scrapbooks curated by students in HC421: Book Love
1/18/18 Special Collections and University Archives
Exhibit in honor of Native American Heritage Month
11/28/17 Knight Library
10/30/17 Special Collections and University Archives
On exhibit in Lawrence Hall, September 2017 - March 2018
9/25/17 Design Library
Exhibit in the Jaqua Law Library, August-December 2017
8/14/17 John E. Jaqua Law Library
Exhibit in Knight Library
5/10/17 Knight Library
On exhibit during Women Veteran's Week, May 8-12
5/8/17 Knight Library
An Artists' Books Selection Inspired by "Between the World and Me" on view April-June, 2017
5/1/17 Special Collections and University Archives
Highlights from the UO Libraries' collection on exhibit in Knight Library
5/1/17 Knight Library - Knight Library Browsing Room (106)
Classic woodblock prints by Hokusai on exhibit in A&AA Library
5/1/17 Design Library
Collection highlights on exhibit
4/3/17 Special Collections and University Archives