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Cuts, Snarls, Snags, and the Black Hole

Exhibit in the A&AA Library, Spring 2016

Photo of
Hair Talk III

This exhibition highlights unique items in the A&AA Library's artists' books collection. The featured books were created using hair--a rich material with a complex history relating to many aspects of identity, family, gender, and social structure. The examples in this exhibition cover topics related to racism, the mundane, and the complicated relationships we have with our own hair.

In addition, the exhibit includes a variety of items that demonstrate a range of creative approaches to book arts construction and concept around a secondary theme, body. Examples make use of a variety of materials, and topics include illness, beauty, and surveillance.

The A&AA Library is itself an ongoing exhibit with art, models, and other artifacts filling its spaces. View A&AA library hours.

The artists’ books collection is available for research. Use our online database in Oregon Digital to access images, or make an appointment with the librarian ( to see the collection in person.

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