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The Collections and Discovery Services catalogers maintain the online public access catalog. We analyze and describe the content of the Libraries' books, journals, videos, music materials, maps, and electronic resources.  We create records for these resources by adding the appropriate information to bibliographic records that are then contributed to the UO Libraries’ catalog and the international library database, WorldCat. Staff also utilize WorldCat by selecting records that already exist and using them in the Libraries' catalog. This is known as copy cataloging.

Bibliographic records contain information that allow identification of resources, and allow library users to locate resources.  The catalogers at the UO Libraries have been highly trained, and follow the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) guidelines when supplying the information in bibliographic records which include:

  • Call Numbers
  • Subjects
  • Titles
  • Author’s Names
  • Publication Information
  • Physical Descriptions
  • Information Regarding Related Titles
  • Descriptive notes for unique characteristics

The PCC is an international organization based at the Library of Congress that is dedicated to the expansion of cooperative cataloging and resource sharing worldwide. 

Cataloging staff in the department catalog resources in all formats, as well as having specific areas of expertise.  These are listed below.  If you have questions or need help click the appropriate link below.