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CMET Video Services Request Form

The name of your UO department, or organization if you are external to the UO
Please review our rate sheet: Video rate sheet. For billing, is this event internal or external to the UO?
What is the Number, Name and CRN for this course? (For example, Writing 121 would be "WR121 Writing 121 #19782")
Internal Billing
Which index shall we bill at the completion of the work? An estimate of event charges will be emailed to you, please review the estimate and select either the "approve" or "request modification" button on the estimate.

Based on your selection, microphone and audio support is required with video production services, please coordinate with UO Scheduling & Event Services to reserve locations, schedule event setup, and microphone/audio support, etc. We colloborate with EMU Event Services extensively on the majority of campus events.

Event Manager
Who is the event manager/organizer's name and contact information?
On-site Contact
Who will be the contact person at the event whom a CMET technician may consult?
Please include full names. One person per line
How much set-up time is available in the space immediately prior to the event? (e.g. Set-up for recording can take at least 30 minutes)
Where is this event or presentation being held? (We strongly recommend booking one of our campus video production locations)
Please provide further general details about your event/presentation (use as much space as you need)
Which production services are you seeking? No worries if you're unsure, we'll review this with you. (Depending on your answers you will be asked further questions and be presented with additional information.)


Event coordinators are required to get written permission from those presenting in live streams or publicly streamed recorded video productions: UO Model Release Form.

Forms should be completed, scanned, and sent to prior to the beginning of the event/presentation.

Once you have scheduled our services, if the presenter refuses to be recorded at the event, you will be charged a minimum one-hour service charge.


If your event or presentation contains any copyrighted material, it is important for the event sponsor to obtain the proper permssion to use the materials before the event takes place. We have had a number of productions derailed after the recording because the copyright had not been considered.

To accommodate video recording and/or live streaming services, the venue MUST be available for set-up and testing immediately prior to your event start time. No exceptions.

  • Recording: requires at least 30-minutes for testing/set-up prior to event
  • Live Streaming: requires at least one-hour for testing/set-up prior to event
What video or web conferencing platform are you looking to use? Please read more information about the different options if you are unsure:
What is the location of the overflow room?
Please list the locations and contact information (names, emails, and phone numbers) of the people or endpoints you are connecting with via conferencing. (Please note, if an Ethernet connection is NOT used by either side of the call, the quality and feasibility of web-conferencing will be impacted. CMET is NOT responsible for service degradation due to lack of internet connection - we always recommend to use a wired connection when conferencing)

Gain online viewership by promoting the live stream's URL, post it on your event posters, website, and social media platforms!

Check out our live streaming recommendations and best practices. Let us know if you have any questions.

How would you like to take delivery of the video file after your event/project?
Please provide an event description to include with the Media Channel posting
Please indicate the date in which we can take down the video? (We cannot host a private video for more than a term)
File size limited to 4.7 GB. How many copies of the DVD do you need?
Please provide the text that you would like printed on these DVDs or any special instructions.
Please feel free to add any comments or questions.
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