Live Web Streaming Services

Expand your audience beyond campus by live streaming your event to reach hundreds more viewers! 

We provide online live video streaming service for campus events, as well as signal routing for overflow rooms. Live streamed events are distributed on the UO Live Stream Channel


  • Please schedule as far in advance as possible, at least 7 calendar days before the event.
  • Schedule UO Event Services for audio production and event space coordination. 
  • We require at least 1-hour access to the space(s) before the event is scheduled to begin.
  • If the event is NOT occuring in a video production-capable space (listed below), the event location(s) must have a minimum of a 100baseT hard-wired ethernet port. 
  • The UO Model Release Form must be signed by all presenters and submitted to prior to the event. 
  • Please ensure NO portion of the presentation or event includes licensed music or videos that may violate copyright.
  • If another online live stream destination is desired, such as Facebook or YouTube - please schedule a consultation with our team at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • We are responsibile for the signal up to the network connection. We do not have control of the UO campus network and is not responsible if a network service degradation occurs. If a network interruption occurs, it may affect the delivery and viewing of the live stream. We can continue recording the live stream for on-demand viewing after the event. 
  • Provide a "run of show". Is there a break in the middle of your event? Let us know so we can coordinate what your online audience sees during that short break.
  • Advertise your event. Nothing is more dissappointing than seeing only 6 viewers tuned into a live streamed event. Please market the event and live stream URL (and/or overflow room location) to expand your viewership!
  • Events we recorde can be posted to the UO Channel for on-demand viewing.
Campus event spaces with built-in live video streaming capabilities

For live streaming CRN and course-related events, we recommend using the Canvas Conferences tool. It follows best practice of FERPA guidelines and makes it easy for students to access. Please contact our Ed Tech + Canvas Support office for more information, our staff are happy to work with you!