Video Facilities and Equipment

Our facility consists of two production studios located on the ground floor of the Knight Library. A multi-camera, broadcast quality TV production studio and a video conferencing and lecture capture studio. In addition, we maintain a number of control booths within classroom and event spaces around campus. These spaces are outfitted with built-in video production capabilities and are some of the largest venues on campus, making them popular choices for events.

Knight Library 45 | TV Studio

Our TV studio is located on the ground floor of the Knight Library where our team conducts video production services and broadcast feeds via fiber optic (Vyvx) and radio (ISDN).

  • Multiple HD cameras
  • Professional lighting
  • Control booth
  • Dark green backdrop curtain
  • Movable UO-customized backdrop

If you would like to schedule one of the Knight Library studios (TV Studio), please fill out the Video Service Request Form. For questions or more information, please email


Knight Library 36 | Studio A

Studio A is a unique classroom used primarily for originating and receiving teleconferences, telecourses, and videoconferences as well as lecture recording. The classroom has moveable tables and chairs and can hold up to 45 occupants.

  • Control booth
  • Recording & streaming devices
  • Videoconferencing system
  • Two ceiling-mounted cameras
  • Audio mixer
  • Resident computer
  • Wireless and installed audience microphones
  • Audio surround sound

Schedule requests for Studio A (Knight Library 36) should be submitted to Melodie Moore, Information Services, at 6-1943,

Note that if you need access to video systems or specialized support, please also fill out the Video Service Request Form


Campus Video Production Integrated Locations

We also maintain "video production friendly" locations. These spaces have video production capabilities built into the rooms and a control booth. It is no coincidenence that these rooms are also some of the largest on campus, making them popular choices for large events and presentations.

To reserve campus locations, please contact EMU Scheduling and Event Services.