Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing uses sound and video from each participant in real time with other participants in other physical locations, enabling those participants to have a real-time exchange. Additionally, participants can share presentations and documents from a computer. Video conferencing allows for improved communication abilities, enhanced opportunities, and productive collaboration. Depending on the size of the conference and complexity, there is software-based and hardware-based options. Please contact our team if you have any questions or would like anymore information regarding your event:

Please use our video services intake form to request video conferencing services. 

  • Web conferencing (Software-based)
    Software-based video conferencing is well-suited for interviews and meetings. Commonly used software is BlueJeans, Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts. These softwares require a computer or mobile device to connect to the other parties. CMET has a limited number of BlueJeans licenses to facilitate on-campus interviews and meetings. Please review information and instructions for using BlueJeans.
    Please use the video services intake form to request a technician for set-up and support. Please note, if an Ethernet connection is not used by either side of the call, the quality and feasibility of web-conferencing will be impacted. CMET is NOT responsible for service degradation due to lack of internet connection - we always recommend to use a wired connection when conferencing.
  • Video Conferencing (Hardware-based)
    A number of classrooms have built-in hardware codecs for video conferencing abilities. These systems are generally more capable and reliable for larger groups and more complex setups. Many of the room-based hardware systems have multiple cameras which may be panned or zoomed depending on who in the room is speaking. CMET maintains an in-house video conferencing and distance education classroom, Studio A in the Knight Library that can be scheduled via the video services intake form.

General pool classrooms with hardware video conferencing capabilities: 

We will be responsibile for the signal up to the network connection. We do not have control of the UO campus network and is not responsible if a network service degradation occurs. If a network interruption occurs, it may affect the delivery and viewing of the video conference.