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Getting Started Tools

When designing an online course, specific information, documentation, and tools have been identified and/or created for use in online courses, and in support of course design and content creation. In addition to links to our documentation, a zip file is provided here for download and import into a Canvas course site. This file will have Canvas ready information about UO Academic Resources and more. The information in the file is designed to meet Standard 1 of Quality Matters, a course design quality assurance system.

The following categories and documents will be dynamic.  As software tools update and change, and as UO supported software changes, the contents of the "Getting Started" zip file and other documentation will be updated.  Please check back as you work on new course sites in Canvas.

Getting Started Tools

  • Getting Started Module - (This is zip file and is designed to be imported into Canvas and used as a start to the Week 0 or Getting Started module. Download the file and unzip/extract the "getting started" file.  Then import the file (filename: getting_started.imscc), not the zip file into Canvas.)

UO Academic Resources

  • Academic Misconduct
  • Academic Support Services
  • Accessibility Resources
  • Student Services

Student Related Documents

  • Netiquette
  • Minimum Technical Requirements
  • Technical Support for Students (Canvas and technology support)

Other Information

The following information is not in the Getting Started zip file.  It is available here for information and support in building a new course site.

Publishers Handouts

Canvas Documentation

UO Libraries Tools

Other UO Supported Tools

  • Audacity - recording and editing audio files
  • Camtasia - video production, editing
  • Jing - video production - 5 minute max length
  • Respondus - convert question bank files to format needed for import into Canvas (PC only)
  • Vimeo - Streaming video - store files and embed in Canvas
  • YouTube - Close caption videos, store files and embed in Canvas
  • ScreenCastify - screencasts/video presentations, free version = 10 minute max length
  • WeBWorK - UO Math/CS Homework Tool - Documentation re. importing grades into Canvas
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