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Quality Matters (QM) was started by a small group of faculty from Maryland Online consortium who were trying to solve a common problem among institutions: how do we measure and guarantee the quality of an online course?  They were interested in developing some type of measuring tool because they were sharing courses across the state and wanted some type of quality assurance that a course from another institution was an equivalent course. They developed and the QM rubric which is research-supported, empowers faculty to evaluate their course against the 8 QM standards with guidance for improving the quality of their course. QM's mission is to promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning through the use of a quality assurance system and professional development. Today they have more than 60,000 members and more than 1300 colleges subscribed to the QM program.

We have provided a copy of the rubric in an Excel document below. You will find each standard on one sheet with the guiding annotations. There is also a built in scoring tool for you to evaluate your course with.

For more information about QM check out the resources below.


  • Quality Matters website
  • QM Rubric - This PDF provides a list of the 8 QM Standards and their sub-standards, as well as the point value of each.  Note that the annotations are not included
  • QM Calculator - An interactive spreadsheet that can be used to keep track of completed sub-standards and the score for each, as well as a total score
  • Educause Review - Research article on impact of QM on course design and student success - June 5, 2017



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