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Web Publishing II
Exercise 2

Copyright Your Web Page

Any original content – text, images, video, sound – created in the U.S. and placed on the web is automatically assigned copyright under U.S. law, but it's always a good idea to remind folks that they can't just "borrow" your content without permission. Similarly, if you wish to use content from someone else's web site, you should always ask permission first, and include a statement that you are using it with permission. Check out the Copyright Website for more information.

  1. Add a copyright statement to your web page. This usually goes at bottom of your page, along with your signature information. Here's an example for you to follow:
    © Copyright , University of Oregon.
    If this is a personal page, you can substitute your own name for the "University of Oregon." If you are creating an institutional web page, whether for a course, a department, or some other affiliation, the university holds the copyright. Save your web page and view the changes in your web browser.
  2. Publish your web page to the server, then test it in your web browser.

You're done – return to the workshop outline.

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