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Web Publishing I
Exercise 3

Enhance Your Web Page

After each change to your index.html file, save the changes and reload the page in your browser (be sure you are looking at the local copy and not the one on the web server – look for a URL beginning with file:// in the location bar of your browser window).

Refer to the HTML Language Summary for guidance on HTML markup.

  1. Return to your index.html file. At the bottom of your web page, add a signature (your name, your email address, and the date). Try using a break and/or horizontal rule to add some formatting.
  2. Select some text on the page to emphasize using the strong and emphasis elements. This is a good time to replace the nonsense text with text of your own, if you wish. Be sure to keep at least one heading, one paragraph, and one unordered list, in addition to the elements listed above.
  3. Add at least two anchors to your web page: one using the http:// protocol, and one using the mailto: protocol (this last one works well in the page signature).
  4. Add an image to your web page. You can link to one of these images for now (you'll get to choose any image you want in Web Publishing II):
    Celtic Knot
  5. Now publish your web page to the web server, then test it in your browser.

You're done! Now return to the workshop outline.


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