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Workshops may be requested by anyone who is a member of the UO community, including, but not limited to:

  • faculty and GTFs teaching credit courses;
  • university departments;
  • student groups (clubs, ASUO-sponsored groups, fraternities and sororities, residence halls, etc.); and
  • individual members of the UO community.

Workshops are offered at no cost, and will usually take place in one of the Libraries' electronic classrooms, although alternate arrangements can be made depending on available facilties and software, the size of the group, and whether hands on access to computers is required. Workshops may consist of multiple sessions, as resources allow. To request a workshop:

  1. Put together a group of at least 6 people.
  2. Determine what you want or need to learn. Use the list above as a starting point, but also think about whether you need:
    • to consult with a subject specialist in deciding what approach to take for instructional assignments.
    • a general introduction or overview, such as learning the basics of using a particular software package, or learning how to create a web page;
    • a tips & tricks workshop, which usually takes the form of responding to a question that starts with "How do I..." and focuses on specific tasks (e.g., how do I create a pivot chart in Excel, or how do I convert a Word document to PDF or HTML?); or
    • a customized workshop that gives you the tools you need to complete a specific assignment or project.
  3. Decide on at least two possible dates and times for the workshop.
  4. Fill in the workshop request form, making sure that you fill out the form completely. You should receive an acknowledgement within 2-3 days.

The Office of Library Instruction coordinates workshop requests, from finding a suitable instructor to scheduling facilities; it may take several days to make all of the arrangements. Once arrangements have been made, we recommend that you speak directly with the instructor to finalize the content of the workshop. For highly customized workshops, the instructor may need several weeks to plan the curriculum and activities - advance planning is advised.


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