Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

CMET Consulting offers several workshop series, plus provides referrals to UO faculty and GTFs interested in getting more structured training in educational technology.

Workshops on Demand offer customized workshops for the University of Oregon community to meet technology training needs of its students, faculty, and staff, with a focus on academic and curricular topics. These workshops replace the open enrollment workshops previously offered by the IT Curriculum.

Check out our program goals and training topics and use our form to request a workshop.

Technology Workshops Sponsored by Other UO Departments

Many UO departments offer workshops with a focus on educational technology. See individual department websites for more details.

Teaching Effectiveness Program * Upcoming Workshops

Instruction & Training

Individual, online and other trainings

  • Just-in-time training at the University of Oregon
    In addition to instructor-led professional development/training experiences, ODT (Organizational Development and Training) offers a robust eLearning system. Over 3,000 interactive online courses that focus on business skills and computer skills are available to “benefits eligible” employees at the UO.
  • Technology Service Desk, 151 McKenzie Hall
    A large collection of books, journals, videos, and CD-ROMs provide instructions on using specific software; material can be checked out. Ideal for self-directed learners. You can also test out their smart technologies. Open to all members of the university community.
  • Campus Computing Labs
    Lab staff can provide assistance in using the resources of the lab. Check web pages for hours, as well as a list of software and hardware available. Open to all members of the university community.
  • CMET Consulting
    Training, support, production and referral services for educational technology, including: Blackboard; graphics and digital images; digital video and audio; scanning; instructional design; and web and multimedia design and development. For faculty and GTFs.
  • Human Resources
    Human Resources offers two programs for technology training: discount vouchers for off-site training through New Horizons.
  • Lane Community College (LCC)
    LCC offers technology courses both online and on-site through their regular programs, as well as their Community Education Program. Students seeking to transfer credits should first check with an academic advisor.
  • Professional Tools for Digital Media courses (PTDM)
    The UO Department of Art and Continuing Education have partnered to offer workshops in Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. These courses are designed for career professionals, students and community members alike to develop and expand their graphic and multimedia skills.
  • Other UO courses
    Many departments also offer specialized technology-related courses. For instance, check out courses on multimedia design tools in digital arts (e.g. ARTD 251), professional education workshops in Dreamweaver and Flash (e.g. ART 408), programming Microsoft Office (e.g. CIT 281), geographic information systems (e.g. GEOG 416), technology in education (e.g. EDST 410), Mathematica (e.g. PHYS 399), statistics (e.g. DSC 330 or PSY 302), etc.
  • Safari Tech Books Online
  • TLT Group
    The TLT Group is a not-for-profit that helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning.They support, and are supported by, over 110 institutions and agencies, plus over 100 individual members, around the world. They provide a variety of services, materials and workshops for free!
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