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Workshops on Demand

The UO Libraries, along with various campus partners, have been offering open enrollment workshops on the Internet and other technologies since 1994. In recent years, however, we've seen a decreased demand for these open enrollment workshops and a corresponding increase in demand for more customized technology training, focused on curricular needs, course requirements, personal interests, and professional directions. In response, the UO Libraries have introduced Workshops on Demand, a new model for offering technology training to the UO community will lead to better, more relevant training to meet the needs of students, staff, and faculty, along with increased collaboration with faculty in integrating information technology skills into the curriculum.

Program Goals

Our hope is that this program will:

  1. promote information fluency* among students, faculty, and staff;
  2. integrate technology instruction for UO students, faculty, and staff more fully into the curriculum and administrative programs;
  3. offer tailored, "just in time" technology training; and
  4. increase flexibility in responding to campus needs for technology training.

These workshops will not provide an adequate substitute for courses offered for academic credit, but the training will complement course content, and can be integrated into the course content and offered during class time. Workshops generally provide an introduction to the features and operational basics of the software or technology.

* Information fluency can be defined as the ability to "locate, evaluate and use digital information resources efficiently and effectively."

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